Travel Camera Part 2

well its been almost a month since my Trip , went to HK Disney and Boracay Ph with my family, and i can definitely say that this camera is the best i had so far, the built in ND filter was very useful at the bora trip, shooting wide open at F2.0 at a sunny 3pm day is usually not possible for me . 

TIP: Just be sure to put on a UV filter and a lens hood on your camera when at the beach because the sand is unforgiving in some situations :)

Hong kong was awesome! Took some shots, it was so discrete the subjects almost/never noticed me, i didn’t had enough time to do street photography , but i managed to take some snaps because the camera is compact and easily fits in my bag. 

TIP: always smile when doing street photography, we don want to intimidate or make the people in the area feel disrespected. 

I highly recommend this camera, the image quality, features, battery life, everything is almost perfect for travel, maybe the lack of weather sealing is the clincher for this to be a the perfect travel cam (in my opinion), can wait to bring this little beast in North America and Europe . Till then, ill be posting some photography tips soon here. Thanks guys! :)

  • “There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
    — Robert Frank

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